Monday, March 12, 2018

Caged Bird

Since I first saw you walk around that corner in the dimly lit street of Go Vap 
so naturally in your flower patterned wavy jumper pants and slim fitting black Fila top eyes and aura glimmering in the dark I knew there was something deep inside my soul that resonated. 
Driving to you on my 1960 Honda Super Cub was becoming like a ritual to the point of the most simplest mundane objects in the street becoming illuminated. 
My eyes dancing around in the flames of burning garbage piles passing by against the concrete walls charred by the passion of love and despair. When I finally arrived and gently placed your helmet on your head with the intentions of facing you face to face a gust of happiness that satisfied every molecule in my body to the point of life feeling as it could go on rushed through my veins the point of clarity. Slowly exiting the shadows of hẻm’s plastic bottle hanging lights and stepping into the light of Helski’s warm embrace.You held me tight and slipped your hands into my pockets from the back cushion of the bike and whispered into my ear. Flying through Saigon in a whirlwind of chaos passing millions of faces never to be seen again. Trying not to inhale the exhaust we gently but securely passed a cigarette between our lips sending little messages to our lungs telling them it will be ok.

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