Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dear Mom

(in Seoul 2018 beginning my search for you)

(My first lecture at the ADS university in Vietnam, Saigon, 2018)

Dear Ms. Yoo,

How are you? First off I respect your privacy and if you wish to not make contact with me openly
I understand it is your life and we can keep this discrete.
I am your son Cameron Yoo Van Loos, now twenty-nine years old.
It is my honor to inform you that I am alive still and very happy, yet indeed your blood son.
And I don’t have words to describe how I feel now and have felt my entire life knowing you exist.
I can simply say that I am glad to hear that you are real.
If you are healthy and well I would like to meet and see your face for the second time in my life but as if it were the first time in my life.
I now live and work in Saigon, Vietnam at ADS Design Institute. I am a professor of Art and Design.
I also have a University degree in the arts from the USA. I am very happy and have the love and support of my friends and family.
I moved to South East Asia to discover more about my identity.
I am able to save money here for my future and develop my career in education in the arts.
See I have always felt this indescribable connection to you and have always felt your love from far away.
I really appreciate what you did for me Mom, thank you.
I was given a second chance in life and have lived my best life and still am.
Now that I am a man with a stable career and many hobbies I am having to face my deeper issues.
I am sorry for not reaching out to you earlier in my life this I do regret. It takes time to understand the differences we might have now in life as
I am now coming from the western world and you the Eastern but I will never forget where I came from beautiful Korea.
I love you and don’t have any regrets or sadness for what has been done. I will be happy to hear if you are alive and well.
I am the luckiest man alive for being given a life with everything you might have dreamed I might have.
I want to thank you so much for giving me the chance to be properly taken care of and share my love with the world.

Yoo Dong Shik

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